I have a dream that one day, men and women will rise up to the challenge and face the very reason why we co exist as one. The unity that has been divided and buried will rise up and become the pinnacle of our hope. That all the deeds of our past heroes will find their ways back to the heart of men and we shall all in spirit of fairness and love treat brothers and sisters as one.

I have a dream on colour and races. A dream that one day, black and whites will look at each others with no trace of colour. The Mongolians will rise up and look at the Negros with love and sincerity, the Caucasians race will also be there to gather hands together and sing the tune of oneness. The very reason for our co-existence will be realized and only then we shall face each other with fairness.

I had a dream that justice, peace, love and equity became the order of the day. The long road that bends toward justice was embodied with peace and love. Men will sought after peace and nothing else but peace. The leaders will rule with fairness and equity, the followers will obey will all might and faithfulness. Our nations will be brother’s keeper, our land will be home for all. No more corruption, no more killing and kidnapping. How safe our land will be then!

I have a dream that all destruction that have rendered homes homeless, children to wanders across the street, starvation, war, calamities and disasters will be gone. Our land will be cleanse of all the misdeed of our leaders and we shall tighten our fists so strong that never again in history will our land be taken away from us. The verdict of history will judge us fairly and only then we shall come to understand the spirit of love as it presents itself to us.

I have a dream that all Muslims, Christians, Jews and all other religions will cease to be dogmatically inclined, we shall respect one and another views. We shall not fight a battle of falseness and falsehood, the long raging battle to prove which religion is the truth will stop. All attention will be looking out to one and another. I had this dream that “PEACE” is the mother of all. Thus, when we live in peace, the claim for supremacy will cease and then we can forge ahead in life. Muslims will stand up and reach its peaceful hand to all religions and others will follow. All religious clashes and crises shall no longer exist and then man shall harbour all that is known to him and never again will he seek the path of destruction.

I have a dream that one day, our sweats, labours and unseen future will become apparent and glaring that we can all sit in the midst of our jobs and smile. There will be no more antagonists and protagonists. The nemesis and ironies of life will seek its face no more. Our boisterous planet will become a place of calmness and unity. We shall work no longer harder to find what to eat or drink. We shall not be worried by the necessities of life because they will be readily available and provided for us.

I have a dream that children will be given the basic education and the moral upbringing to progress in life. The existing gap between the rich and the poor will be narrowed down to zero. We shall all be rich in our own little way. Never shall hunger strike in our land again. There is going to be a great awakening in our land, a great revival and everyone who look up to peace as the way out will be saved. We shall be able to afford all the luxurious goods of life. We shall stop hating each other and begin to love each other. Never again, shall we face the hardship we have been structured to face. The words of the aged ones will be a guide to our path, the wise saying shall becomes the philosophy of our time.

I have this dream and nothing else could be greater than for us to drop all traits of hate and reach out to the larger world the message of this dream because in this dream, the hope of the future lies and peace MUST become the order of the day.

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