As a free thinker and logically inclined person, I still find the ongoing debate between my fellow Christian and Muslim brothers and sister amusing. I still can’t fathom the rationale behind their attempts to prove that each others religion is the supreme one and thus will do anything to protect their claims. Going through a lot of debates between great scholars and intellectuals, I am quick to add that the very source of their argument was founded on a shaky background and thus, a time for reflection should be the order of the day.

Man has the capacity to think, argue, reason, imagine and believe but he doesn’t have the capacity to understand the rationale behind why he exist. That we exist is only a grace of the divine being given to us. Are we better than the many faithful who have died so early? Are we better in term of organization than the ants? What exactly do we seek in this existence of ours? There are many questions on the list but for the sake of this clarity, much can’t be said of.

I will be doing justice on this topic if I come as a layman with no understanding. it would make me better than the so called intellectuals who have failed to ask themselves some basic and fundamental questions rather than deepening themselves into the core heart of finding errors and mistakes in the HOLY BOOKS. Yes, let them say that man had written the books and thus it does not qualifies to be called HOLY. Let them say that the AL-QURAN is false because the man Muhammed was false. Let them say that the HOLY BIBLE is only a book and that it is full of errors, mistakes and absurdities. Let their voices be heard, let them speak and shout, let them wail, let the curse, let them argue, let them gather ten thousand of people to listen to their oratories, let them showcase their acquired intellectualities and let them speak like king among kings. Yes, let them voice out!!!

Alas, we still come back to the basic, we still come back to the very beginning. What change can it cause except that both faith switch to each other religion (Muslims become Christians and vice versa), what else? This is the failure of these intellectuals. To me, they only use casuistry to make their point but never have they asked themselves how a book full of contradiction became a HOLY BOOK?

Today, we have heard of so many instances where verses from the Al Quaran and Holy Bible saved a lot of people. We have heard of some many cases of where the BIBLE and QURAN were used to revive people. These books have healed many people, signs and wonders have been given and they are happening today. Has all these argument changed the course of these books? What else? Is the Bible not the source of inspiration to many broken homes and a source of belief and expectations? Is the Quaran not a revealed book that guides the conduct of men? We forget that even if all men were Muslims or Christians, our world will still not be a better place. Have we not heard of Muslims killing their fellow brothers? Have we not heard of Christians doing same? What about the Jews, Buddha and all others? What exactly do we owe to nature if I may ask you all? Hence the if the books of contradiction is capable of doing all these wonderful things, why then do we still busy ourselves with the task of supremacy?


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