Life is a mixture and combination of opposites. Just as there is love and hate, ups and downs, to be alive and to be dead, so also there exist in this world; war and peace.
Come, hear this, think for a while, why is there war? Is peace a sequel to war? How can we know the value of freedom when we have never felt bondage?  Can we have peace amidst ethnic trauma, rural conflict, anomie, cataclysms and political violence?

Impossible some will argue. Such pessimism is certainly founded on the bellicose tendencies of a preponderant number. However, the truth is that it is not impossible; therefore making it possible to have peace in the constant struggle of the realization and bitter experience wars has caused us.

If God could create this boisterous planet out of primal vapour and created man from clay with just a breathe to give him life, then he in comity with man, can rescue our planet from genocides, war, fratricide and hate. War is a product of misunderstanding and sometimes a quest to show the relevance of superiority over inferiority, governed by the epistemology of hate, vengeance and revanchism through the act of terror, violence and brigandage. It is a pity we can achieve nothing good following this false doctrine.

Name them; the First World War, Second World War, civil war, battle of waterloo, the unforgettable USA/Iraq war. What did these violence and malevolent war cause? The answers: the great depression, hunger, turning our once gregarious planet to a living hell of life and has eventually breached our co-existence as one in unity and harmony. Our once ecstatically, happy, joyous and glorious state has been reduced to nothing but to ruins. Peace has suddenly becomes an enemy of the state.

Brothers, sisters, parents, friends and compatriots, the prognosis continue. Peace is not an option but a “must do”. We ought to stand as one to further deepen the truth as we seek for hope. I dare to say this to all enemies of peace and to all the wreck-less wreckers of our planet, we are following you with the wisdom of the serpent, the strengths of a lion and nemesis of nature. The time will come when even love will appears as sour to you, you will bit your finger so hard but then it will be too late because you have wrecked so many homes. To all you destroyers and obstacles of progress, spread out your deeds now because the moment of peace is set and only then the verdict of history will judge you!

Peace is the way forward!

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