oh mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Taking a look at the self acclaimed giant of the Negro race often ponders my troubled heart. They said she is the mother of all, the pride of Africa, the tall Iroko tree in the forest that is feared by all, the mother of all natural and mineral resource, she has the largest party in Africa. Imagine one political party is enough to put two nations together; just one. She is being and always looked up as the source of hope to other nations on the African continent. She is crowned the King and Queen of the Africa. She is so blessed, well known and vast in all. She is called “NIGERIA”

Nigeria is my country regardless of how you take my thought to be for I’m just a free mind searching for answers. She has the most population on Africa and is blessed with so many natural resources that developed nations do not have but yet her citizen’s wallops in abject poverty with no brighter future. Her citizens toils, day and night the soil to find their daily bread. She is no better than she was before. In the beginning, she was the cynosure of all, the center of attraction. She would wine and dine with all. She could shelter for all that she wanted and yet be so self-sufficient. Soon, oil was discovered, corruption set in and today what is left of her, is nothing but half buried nation seeking revitalization. She has been drowned with corruption, evil practices, bribery and all of that. Even the babies born today are now taking corruption to the extreme. All her past leaders have failed and are still failing. How on earth would one of the largest exporting oil countries still have a high rate of illiteracy and poverty? Search the streets, the towns of Nigeria, you will see things for yourself as glaring as they are. Rots, decays and corruptions have now become the order of the day. The leaders see their exalted position as an avenue to steal and divert funds meant for the country to their private purse. Ask the, they will say, my future generation must not suffer. Securing the comfort of an unseen generation at the expense of millions of people out there is so ridiculous and wicked. It is a misguided philosophy that has no basic or ground in logical reasoning either spiritually or naturally.

Look at her in her days of glory, she was all that she was and is but today, she can’t even face her shadow again. She is so ashamed of herself. We Nigerians believe so much in prayer but prayer without hard-work always and will amount to failures. A man of faith is a man of action. We sit and pray and pray so hard and loud expecting miracles to flood in. no single departments, ministries, offices that is not embodied in the spirit of bribery and corruption. I have seen that a saint from this land is a wicked man. A good man is an evil man and an evil man a saint. Alas, we can see it for ourselves.


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