ON RELIGION AND HUMANITY: a one minute thought

As the conventional knowledge of religion keep us afloat of all issues in this boisterous planet of ours, so also should we be reminded of that conflicting knowledge that humanity is for all. Man, as it argued is governed by a supernatural force that he can’t fathom himself, shut up in a circle that he can’t escape and confined to the dark cave with no hope of light. Religion tends to guide us so dogmatically that we dare not question even the amorality and immorality marred with it. as many great minds, intellectuals and lovers of wisdom sough to understand this, they came up with “rationality” or rather called “logic” and “reasoning”. Little wonder why the great scholar Anselm, concluded through the ontological argument that “faith seeking understanding”. Men have ascribed so much to faith and religion and have forgotten that the greatest faith man can have is faith in humanity. The faith to see each other and one another as ourselves and not as sectional or varying beings. Minds like Averroes, Anselm and Aquinas asserted that faith and reason could be harmonized just as two truths can’t contradict one another, hence what exactly is man purpose in life?

Man is born free but yet he lives in chains and bondages. He is confined to a doctrine that he can’t question and what has been the result? War, crime, supremacy, falsified glories and fear of the unknown. Religion has suddenly become an opium just Karl Marx observed . There is one universal truth and theory that super-cedes, ascends and uplifted than Religion and this is HUMANITY!

Humanity, humanity is that doctrine that don’t pass fear, it seeks to address all things and all manner of intrinsic fear that religion has caused us for ages. Humanity doesn’t ask you what class you belong to or what religious group you are an adhere to. Nay, it simply sees you as one and one. It postulates the message of glory and hope. One can say that humanity is part of religion because religion is the supreme of all faith and deeds but it is not. Religion will always segregate you and by segregation, man begins to fight for esteem and honours which leads to evils. Religion will ask you to do things that you must do while its principal officers wallow in the flesh and evils of this world. It will deprive you of  all you can do as a good person but by humanity, man is made nearest to perfection. Even the great God, we all worship regardless of what “GOD” is called in different religion (you see religion will also make you have varieties of God names), is of the opinion that we need a humanity to sustain this world.

We all have a duty to serve humanity because as we do, humanity is also serving us! HUMANITY IS MAN’S ULTIMATE GOAL


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