In the first chapter of us,

We seemingly saw the unknown future with so much pride.

Dignity and fear guided us with tales,

I could not withstand your patience.

You are so pure and honest;

I did believe so.

Suddenly, you appeared so false,

Unreal and untrue.

I wished you could just be you

Because not being you

Made life so unpleasant.

I can imagine how much I loved the way you lied

You have suddenly become a voice to the voiceless

A drum to be beaten

All are lies and falsity

Who will have guessed?

I just loved how you lied because you would hide that pretense

Who will have have guessed.

I wished you could be you for you

Be you for you

Just be as much as you would be

You soothe me with those harmless words,

Comfort me with those warm hugs,

Hold me with strong desires,

Smile with brightness,

Who will have guessed?

I wished you could be you for you.

Stop all those lies!



As I sit quietly in the darks,

My heart raced against time and moments

Just where are you?

Where have you gone suddenly?

Why do I suddenly feel so lonely and empty?

What happened to those feelings I used to feel up and right?

I am still searching and looking with no hope of finding you

Why are you suddenly far away from my poor heart?

Where did I get it wrong? Am I just imagining?

Where are you now?

What happened to these depressed feeling I feel so now?

Should this be the feeling you talked about?

A feeling of hate but yet living with it as one with no choice;

Cold, depressed and countless is what I describe this feeling.

So what happened to the moments and seasons we used to share together?

I just want to g back to those days when you could kiss me and

Hold nothing back

Suddenly, you have gone too far from my wandering heart?

Just where are you now?

When I think of the waves of the ocean,

I feel like drowning inside of you.

Just where are you now?


Slowly and sadly,

The world drifts away, sorrow is known

Who can beat death?

Who can stand its Mighty hand?

Who can defeat it?

Men of honours, Women of glories have all, but fallen

To her claws and abode

27 years ago was a time of joy

27 years after is a time of srrow

Oh Death! How powerful thou art

When you came and took her away,

Not sparing a thought for the needy, homeless

Brother, Sisters and Father

My heart is drifted away in pains

Pains that knows my name,

Tears that weep me more

I will forever fear thee,

My dear, you are gone

But your name is writtem in bold

You are just perfect

I will wake up with no voice of you again

I smile with no on smiling at me back

I will long for you but you will not be there

Sadly, this is just life

I miss you so much.

I bid you goodbye