We come from different places, speak in different tongues and think in different thoughts. We come with our cultures, beliefs and visions with the desire to propel into the known that is unknown. One thing is that we fail to realize that we all are about to undergo a journey or maybe we all are in a journey.

We see us going though a long never ending journey, we peek out through the windows looking straight into the green grasses, ever blue skies, animals panting and racing up. We see farther and further but yet our stops hasn’t come to an halt. We begin to relish the next stop hoping that it is now. As we journey further, some stops are made in imaginations but they aren’t our stops. Some stops are only imaginary and never true. They are fictions or rather deterrent to our goals. Some are made to anticipate us further but in the end, as we journey through, there is only one ultimate stop we know not of.

Why rant, panic, rush for that stop that even the journey guide doesn’t know? For himself, is also on a journey. Why hurry to see then band players with their instruments out to welcome us? Why make haste and forget the moments we ought to have shared? Why give up the joy and happiness and give way for panic over an unknown stop?  We race down the aisles in anticipation but the more we anticipate, the more the journey and when we finally want to take a pause, our stop comes and we begin to regret those moments.

See, we journey as strangers in search for that stop, we had thought it would take only a matter of time to reach that stop we thought we knew but barely knew. Savour this moment, hold unto it, enjoy the tiding its bring and forget the sorrows. Relish the moment as if you stop was never destined. Help the needy, poor and homeless. Take a bold step to do some happiness, stop pacing up, stop racing the aisles and stop counting how much you covered and how much more you have to cover. Sometimes, the journey had barely started but we already thought we were 3/4 over the distance when we had barely started.

Why not relax and do some happiness? Why not have fun? Why not relish the moment? Why not savour the moment? Why not climb more hills? Swim across more oceans? Dare the tides of the sea? The roar of the lions? Why not watch the rising of the Sun? The ever shining Moon? The beauty of nature at dusk? Help the needy? Show love? Why not preoccupy the mind with something worth the journey.

Soon, our unknown and unseen stop will come and then we will all dis-embark. The stop is in the station even but then who know when. I will only savour the moment by relaxing back and watch the harmony of nature.

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