There is a cry

There is cry from the depths

A cry from the rain in the rain

There is a cry from the within

A cry of rebirth

Hear their cry from the depths

And all we ever wished for have been wasted energies

There is a cry in the rain

I am standing in this rain crying

There is  a cry in the rain.



Mysteries of life, just we can’t understand them.

Make others happy only to be sad.

Searching for love to find misery.

Seeking a noble quest only to go on a sojourn of forever.

Gain the world to become lonely.

Have everything to gain nothing.

Going on a mile of hope only to wander around hopelessness.

A taba rasa: you choose what memory to fill in it.

When mysteries of life confronts us, all we need is just “FAITH”

Faith to walk that walk.

Faith to hope that hope.

Faith to love that love.

Faith to believe that belief.

Above all, faith to dispel these mysteries.