Saying Goodbye


So this is the saddest part of it, oh such sad ending of us….. it howls, so much audible pains. In every room and time of us, there was a box; of memories that we shared in seclusion, happiness and sadness. Now it is time to pack up with sorrow and with pains:

The first thing to do is to share a simple but faint smile

Whenever the thought of you just comes by

Quietly and slowly fading off into forever but with pains and tears in my heart

It is all I can, but do

Next are all the memories of the times and moments

That we spent first as two persons and then as one

Sealed with an eternal faith, love and hope

Breaking beyond boundaries and borders

Remember the butterflies I had when you were near

Now in a cage of sadness and locked up with a tear

This time may never come again

Because I know you are forgetting me slowly and steadily

Next are the times we kissed, each with a sigh

Of all the times I’ve asked myself why that I never found why

Then I have to tenderly pack up the pieces of my heart which have fallen into pieces

And place them next to a distant smile

Finally all the shattered wishes placed in softly so no more can break nor ache again.

Lastly walking round each room

Closing each and every curtain, shutting every door

And leaving behind each and every pain.

Gathering the memories we shared

And making sure I have them all

Yes, because I cared and you know I really did care

Then leaving them in the chapters of yesterday.

Then I will now close my heart and cry no more

Walk onward to forever

Like one lost in the desert

For I know you will be gone with the wind