You wanted us to start as friends, but I couldn’t bear to accept this, it was obvious.
However, I was willing to become your friend, but something happened inside of me.
Now, I am reading meaning into everything that ever happened, but the truth is you can’t hear the lightening when it strikes.
So you will never notice me turning on my charm, or wonder why I am always here and now where you are, obviously, it didn’t matter to you.
I have made it obvious, done everything I can do but singbit, I am no singer.
I have long had a crush on you and I can’t let this desire turn into dark memory.
You know am not so good with words and since you never noticed, it was just going to be friendship and that is the way we have been.
You know I have heard how you talk about wanting a guy like me but every time I ask you, you keep saying no and no.
We never move pass friendly, it is obvious that you don’t notice how I stare at you when we are alone.
You are my very first thought in the morning and my last during nightfall.
You are the love that came without a warning nor a prescription.
So you see, you want us to be friends but something happened inside me.
I have always wanted you so long but you never saw it this feeling inside me.
I more than adore you but since you never seems to see this; you never seems to allow me get pass being friendly.
But you never cared and so I will say this in this piece.

                                                 Written for Remi
                                                   May 2014 (C)