Mysteries of life, just we can’t understand them.

Make others happy only to be sad.

Searching for love to find misery.

Seeking a noble quest only to go on a sojourn of forever.

Gain the world to become lonely.

Have everything to gain nothing.

Going on a mile of hope only to wander around hopelessness.

A taba rasa: you choose what memory to fill in it.

When mysteries of life confronts us, all we need is just “FAITH”

Faith to walk that walk.

Faith to hope that hope.

Faith to love that love.

Faith to believe that belief.

Above all, faith to dispel these mysteries. 


This winter

Adapted from:

A flake of snow all the way

How hard to fathom its chill:

It brings bad and good tidings;

A secret message to hope for

Of its breeze and harshness

We survive, still surviving

This flake of snow fills the whole land

So white, so beautiful

Alas, it is not 

A flake of snow returned each season

Bringing good and bad tidings

Right or wrong

I met someone with a prefect heart,

Everyone asking me now;

Am I going to risk it all?

But it is logical to do so,

I am the only one to know if it is wrong or right

Just take the dive and love again


Some days, the sun will not shine

Darkness will soar higher

Nights will become lonely

Days will break

So what we going to do?

Then, maybe I just want to be with you

Love you without the pain

Beyond light and darkness

I ain’t the kind to be untrue

Then I will make darkness be light

………..Dream and achieve…………

I will make you happy

I just want to be the one to put a smile on your face,

I just want to give you hope; hope that never fails.

Because in these days of conscious living,

Love do always turn into regrets; it does.

You can’t be sure of what you met,

But you got to take it low.

So, I will be the one to change your point of view.

It is all up to you.

(Written for Nor Fadillah)


If you find happiness;

why wait until it is gone?

If you find happiness,

Don’t be afraid to take the dive;

Risk it all for it takes nothing less


When you walked in slowly,

Dressed to kill,

Beauty asking itself a question

Says “Am I this beautiful?”

I say to me, how do I describe what I feel now

Maybe I should just write you a poem.

In my poem, oh sweet melody,

Maybe I should write how your lips are so red,

Soft and tender in readiness to be kissed.

Maybe, I should write how your thighs are honey.

Oh yes, they are,

Should I write how tempting your eyes arem

How admirable your smiles are,

Maybe the tenderness of your words

I am lost on what to write

Should I write you a poem indeed?

Describe how much you have shaken me,

How much more you have held me my glance;

Moment, stance and imagination.

I will write about your never fading beauty,

I will write about your love; though not tasted,

I will sing of your beauty,

They are perfection of  your glories.

Ha! I will write a poem.