This goes out to all the fallen heroes in my life

I believe you are in heaven right now, oh life

Unseen, unheard but greatly missed

Oh Wole, my blood, I hope you are on the better side

But it’s hard for me to say when I’m going to see you again

Your smiles are ever fresh, I miss you brother

Sir Nicholas, we miss you on the soccer field, 

Oh, we never found your replacement, so sad 

I’m going to keep writing and wishing you were here

Grandpa to the rescue, I heard you are home at last

I miss the moments and seasons we shared

All the things I had, I would give you thrice 

Grandma, every-time I think of you, I thank God

Even though it is easy for people to say “Mike, move on”

It is hard, even though it is seven years counting

Uncle Kehinde, I know you have reach a better destination

Until the very end, I will be reminiscing the days past

Hoping you said your prayers before you went on

Sade, remember we would say ‘we’d get up and running’

But you went too soon, but everything will be okay now

If you could see me, you would say I’m talking soft right now

To my fallen niggas, it is tough without you

And I know it all hurtful and sad, I got to talk through this pen

I got to weep with this poem; it is an ode to you

I could go on and on

Too many heroes fallen down

To my fallen heroes, you have reach a better place